1. Do you have any physical stores?
We do not have any physical stores, we sell through our website only; this is just one way how we're able to sell luxury-quality products at a fraction of the price of most other brands. We know that nothing compares to seeing something in real life though. If you'd like to get more of a sense of a particular product, you can check out our product pages, go on Instagram and search the tag #langdonwatch. You can also contact our team with any questions you have!

2. What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit/debit cards on our webshop through a secure checkout. We also accept PayPal, which has several payment options, including eCheck and Discover credit card.

3. What currency will I place my order in?
All of our prices are listed in US dollars.

4. Can I split the payment across multiple credit cards?
Unfortunately it's not possible to split payment across multiple payment methods.

5. Do you offer payment by installment?
We currently do not offer payment by installment.


1. Where are your products made?
Our watches are made with components manufactured in Canada, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. All assembly takes place in Japan or Hong Kong (dependent on model).

2. Do you have any vegan leather watch strap options?
All of our leather products are made from bovine hides and we currently don't have any products made of "vegan leather". However, some of our watch styles can be purchased with a steel bracelet.

3. What warranty do your products come with?
All of our watches carry a minimum 1-year international warranty. Should your watch stop working within the warranty people for any reason whatsoever,simply contact us and we will either fix your watch or send you a replacement.

For other questions, you can contact our team.